Team Building Event Ideas In Malaysia For Outdoors

Thinking about a team building event that you can organize for your company? If you are, it’s your lucky day. That’s because in the country of Malaysia, or many choices for outdoor teen activities, so many so you will always have options to choose from.

If you’re planning for up to 20 or more people, you can have lots of fun organizing these activities. This is our list of the best possible outdoor team building ideas from that are possible in Malaysia:

1. Best Adventure Tours

If you have several employees, they will get excited about testing their mental and physical endurance while spending time in Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara, or Jana Baik. This will allow you to enhance their capabilities in regard to teamwork and personal competence.

team building activities taman negara

2. Jungle Trekking Fun

If you want an excellent way to help them relax, you can get them ready to take on virtually any type of challenge at the workplace. By going into the jungles of Gopeng, or really any of the jungles that are available in Malaysia, you can look for plants and animals that you have probably never seen before, making this activity extra special for everyone.

3. Whitewater Rafting Adventures

If you want to truly have an activity that puts people to the test, you can have everyone do this so that they can all focus on reaching the destination. Although Whitewater rafting might not be for everybody on your team, those that are willing to participate will have a very fulfilling and exhilarating time. The Kampar River is one of the best examples of how people can brave the rapids, for up to two hours, and once complete, everyone will be more invigorated and energized than they have been in many years.

water rafting kampar river

4. Doing Canyoning

Canyoning is both a mental and physical challenge that will challenge everyone in your company. It is an adrenaline rush, yet it is also a fun filled time that people can share together. You can do this in remote settings, and the difficulty levels can range from very easy to extremely hard to do. You will have a guide that will have basic skills training, give everyone the necessary gear and equipment that they will need to be successful at this activity. This typically happens at Ulu Geruntum in most cases.

5. Amazing Race Treasure Hunting

One other thing that you might want to consider as a treasure hunt which can be done in virtually any city, although it can happen anywhere. You might want to consider starting at a hotel, although you could venture out into the entire city, or even the jungle if you want to, and by doing so you will create something very memorable that your employees will always have at the back of their minds, something that you should do for your employees this year. Organizing such event is tedious and always recommended to get an event company to help out.

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