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List Of Fun-Filled Things To Do When Malaysia Celebrates Family Day

In Malaysia, an important holiday is Family Day. The day is meant to be spent with the people you love as you celebrate your family doing activities that you select yourselves. Depending upon the things that your family enjoys doing together, there are a variety of ways to spend the holiday. For your next family day spent surrounded by your loved ones, find inspiration in the ideas listed below. To make sure that the holiday does not become boring and repetitive, keep your family day to-do, ideas and plans fresh and innovative so you can make new memories to cherish.

Head To A Resort

You might want to save up for a short get away if you are a small family and want a break from daily activities. Just book a resort stay for a short weekend over a three day period which will make the time away much more affordable. Your family will get the chance to really enjoy themselves for a couple of days and it will not be too expensive for you. There are so many wonderful resorts in Malaysia that you are sure to find one that will work perfectly for you and your family.

Participate In Game Day

There is no real rush to plan activities outdoors since Malaysian weather is great throughout the entire year. That means you don’t have to get wild outside on Family Day. Instead, you can spend the day inside making memories with the people you love. Take some time to consider the different things that each member of your family enjoys doing. If you are fans of playing board or card games, put together a collection and spend the day having a family game tournament. It’s a relaxed way to spend quality time with your family when the rest of the year is spent whirling through the chaos we call life.

Cook Up Some Family Memories

You can try out some of the tasty dishes and recipes that Malaysia is famous for. There are lists of recipes available online that you can experiment with. Cooking together and trying out new dishes helps to strengthen family bonds while the practice encourages you to develop a taste for new experiences. Of course, another option is to cook up some family favorites if you are not in favor of trying out new recipes. You can create an experience that is custom made for your family with these options.

If your Family Day celebrations have been bland and boring in the past, make some changes to ensure that they are filled with fun going forward. You can have a great, memory-filled cay when you take the time to do a small amount of planning. You should be able to easily find more ideas by searching online if the items listed above do not appeal to you. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a great day with the people you admire and love the most and remember that ideas are just a simple search away.

Have You Considered Renting a Photo Booth for a Wedding Dinner?

Are you making wedding plans for yourself or someone else that includes being responsible for the wedding dinner and the entertainment and such for it? Do you want to be certain that all of the guests are able to have something special to remember the evening by, such as a cherished photograph?

There are many companies out there today that have photo booth rentals that can be used for a variety of occasions, including wedding dinners and receptions. One is LOL Photobooth. You can look into the ones that are in your neighborhood in order to find a dependable company that you can rent for your upcoming romantic and special event. Part of planning for the big day is being certain that everyone has a good time at the wedding dinner. Though many people tend to fret over the ceremony itself and the reception that generally follows, the planning for a wedding dinner often lags behind, which can create a bevy of troubles.

As soon as you realize that you hold the responsibility for planning the wedding dinner, you should begin searching for the right photo booth company. Especially during peak months for events, it is likely that the closer you get to the date, the less likely you are to finding a company that has not already been booked during the time slot that you need them.

One great idea is to use the same company for the photo booth rental for the reception and the wedding dinner. Oftentimes, you can obtain some type of discount from companies if you are using them more than once throughout an event. Even if you do not see a sign that offers such a discount, you should ask the representative when you speak to them about pricing if it is possible for you to obtain such a cut in your final bill. This will help you in choosing the best company possible for your photo booth.

Before you hire any company to provide services for your event, it is a good idea to check out their reputation online. Make sure that you only depend upon consumer review websites that are not funded in any manner by the companies being reviewed. Otherwise, you may find that you are only able to see the positive remarks, and that the negative ones have been removed. You can also check the company website for rates and level of professionalism.

As you can plainly see, renting a photo booth is a fabulous idea when it comes to making a wedding dinner a success. You might even find that you can obtain a discount if you use the same company for both the wedding dinner and the reception for the pleasure of the wedding party and all of their guests that have gathered for the special occasion. Make certain that you remember to plan in advance and to hire a company that has earned a long-standing and solid reputation for providing excellent service.

How To Choose Your Corporate Event Photographer

Corporate events require a lot of planning and preparations in order to make sure everything is going to come out just perfect. After such an effort, it would be a shame not to have some outstanding photos to use in your press releases and other media coverage and presentations. This is why you should always budget for a professional corporate event photographer to help you create awesome memories to us in your marketing and PR materials. However, choosing the right photographer is not that easy. You need to make sure he or she is going to be able to deliver the kind of work youphotography expect. This article is going to give you a few guidelines on choosing the best photographer in Shanghai to help you obtain those remarkable photos everybody would love.

First of all, you need to know that not all photographers are alike. They specialize in narrower niches, so you need to pick one who’s an artist in the niche of event photography. If you choose someone who is an expert in portraits or street photography, you are probably going to get good photos, but there’s going to be something missing. An artist who is used to take photos at big events knows how to frame everyone and how to create those images that speak volumes about the party, about its concept and about the most important moments of the evening. Moreover, an expert in event photography will know he needs to take photos of all guests. This is how you can make sure you are going to have photos of all important people who are going to attend your party. A landscape photographer may not be aware of the importance of such details, so it’s best to hire a professional who already knows these things.
Ideally, you should put together a shortlist of three or four names. After you have it, you need to send all of them a briefing document, explaining what you need ans asking them to come up with a proposal. They are going to send you their proposals, together with their price quotations. Additionally, you should ask them to provide you several references and a portfolio of their previous work. You need to check on all these things in order to make sure they are going to deliver the kind of images you need. If you make a blind choice, you may have the surprise to notice the photographer has a different vision than yours. Buy the time you are going to realize this, it’s already going to be too late, so you are going to be stuck with that material, without any possibility to change anything.

When you make the final choice, make sure the artist you pick is available on the day of your event and that he doesn’t have a habit of being late. Additionally, you should always have a backup, juts in case some incident occurs and your first choice becomes unavailable. Accident happen, so you need to be prepared to handle such situations. This is why you need a second choice ready to step in and help you get thecorporate event work done.

The price is also important, but it shouldn’t be the main selection criterion. If you are on a tight budget, you should rather have the photographer come for a shorter period of time than hire a cheaper one who may not be able to deliver the outstanding photos you expect. Another solution would be to cut from other activities in order to afford the best professional. Your guests are going to forget your choice of foods, but they are going to remember the photos for a very long time.

Outdoor Team Building Events In Malaysia

Even though most team building exercises take place in or around the workplace, it is good to think outside the box once in a while. Malaysia team building events  are good examples for this. These events are becoming quite popular among the corporate entity in Malaysia. Outdoor team building events will help put the skills of you and your fellow workers to the test. In fact, it provides a novel and exciting way to build interpersonal skills among your workforce through novel exercises that you have never thought of before. This article provides a comprehensive overview of outdoor team building events in Malaysia.

fun in the mud
There are so many reputable companies that can arrange outdoor team building events on behalf of your workforce. The majority of these outdoor retreats help build a strong relationship and interpersonal skills among the co-workers of your company. If your team lacks motivation in achieving their combined goals, outdoor team building is one of the best ways to develop the required motivation for your workforce to achieve their corporate goals. Most of the outdoor events include mental and physical obstacles that your team must overcome as one unit. They should be working together in facing these challenges. This approach will help them understand the importance of working as a team in achieving company goals.

Finishing an outdoor challenge successfully will help develop the essential confidence and corporation among your staff. It is an invaluable motivational tool that helps your staff understand the value of working as a team to achieve their corporate goals. There are an increasing number of executives who are interested in using such challenges to motivate their staff. Many employees find it too tedious and monotonous working for long periods with any recreation activities. This is where the outdoor team building retreats will come in handy.

team buildingThere are so many team building companies in Malaysia. The majority of these companies offer a high quality service in arranging specific outdoor team building retreats for corporate entities. These companies have professional website on the net. A simple search on Google or your preferred search engine will reveal so many outdoor team building companies in Malaysia. Peruse their websites to learn more about the type of service and price point of their service. This is one of the best ways to find a high quality service provider to arrange your outdoor team building tour.

Asking for personal recommendations is also a great way to find reliable outdoor team building companies. Ask for recommendations from your friends or colleagues in other companies. They will be glad to point you to a reliable team building company in Malaysia if they have positive experiences of hiring such a company in the recent past. In fact, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of choosing a reliable team building company in Malaysia.

bonfireSome of the most popular outdoor team building events in Malaysia include: creative problem solving programs, rappelling, canoeing, walk hunts, mountain climbing, ropes course, eco-adventure, outward bound, youth camps, survival programs, white water rafting, expeditions, jungle trekking, wall climbing, flying fox, survival courses, high & low ropes and numerous other activities. You can choose the best suited activity or a group of activities for your staff. The team building service provider will arrange the event on behalf of your company.

In conclusion, outdoor team building events are extremely popular in Malaysia. There are so many companies that arrange team building events on behalf of your corporate entity. This article provides a comprehensive overview of outdoor team building events in Malaysia.

What Can A Wedding Planner In Malaysia Do For You

Are you going to be getting married in Malaysia in the future? If you are, then you should consider doing business with a wedding planner, as there are many things they can do for you. Continue to read on to find out more information about why you should hire a professional wedding planner in Malaysia.

1. Talk About Your Ideas And Themes- One of the best things about hiring a wedding planner in Malaysia is that they can sit with you and discuss your ideas, as well as themes. If you have a specific theme in mind, then the wedding planner will be able to make suggestions and improve your ideas. However, if you don’t want to take any of their suggestions into consideration, then can still work to make your dream wedding a reality.

wedding ceremony planning

2. Help With Seating Arrangements And Travel Arrangements- A wedding planner can help you with seating arrangements, and some will even help with travel arrangements. For example, a Malaysia wedding planner may ask you how many guests are attending the wedding, and then plan on where your guests will sit on the day of the wedding. If they arrangement travel, then they may help you find a good limo company that can bring your guests to and from the wedding, but keep in mind that not all planners do provide this.

3. Get Help With Menu Selection- If you plan on having a reception after the wedding, then the chances are you will want to serve food. If that’s the case, then a wedding planner can help plan your menu. They will ask you a few questions, and then they will let you know what type of menu they have created for your guests.

4. Help With Choosing A Destination- Malaysia is home to many great destinations, and choosing a wedding destination may be a little difficult to do. However, a wedding planner can make suggestions and help you find the perfect wedding destination in Malaysia. If you want to get married in the perfect place, then hire a wedding planner in Malaysia.

5. Why Hire A Wedding Planner- A wedding planner can make things far less stressful for you. Not only that, but they can handle just about every single aspect of your wedding. If you have an idea for a wedding, then a good wedding planner in Malaysia should be able to help you out.

wedding planning venue

As for hiring one, make sure you hire a wedding planner who has plenty of experience with planning weddings in Malaysia. A good wedding planner will do what they can to make sure you have a stress free day when the day of the wedding arrives. Your guests will be impressed with your wedding, but they will be even more impressed if you have a planner help you out. With that said, if you are going to be getting married in Malaysia, then make sure you hiring a wedding planner in Malaysia.

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How to Find an Event Organizer

Organizing your own event can test out your patience since it can be pretty stressful. Since you need to consider a lot of things, you need to do a lot of thinking and it would usually take a hefty amount of time. If you wish to pull it off on your own, you need to be a lot more dedicated than you usually are. Not everyone has a lot of spare time and this is why people usually hire an event organizer.

If you are already thinking about hiring an event organizer, the next big question would usually be on the context of finding one. In a sea of event companies, it can be hard to spot an organizer that would be able to suit your taste. We understand how daunting this can be so we have listed a few tips below to help you find the best organizer for you.

corporate anual dinner

These are some of the things you need to consider before your search:

  • What kind of event are you planning to organize?
  • Who are your target guests? How many guests are you planning to invite?
  • What kind of location do you have in mind?
  • What is your end goal?

You may ask, why do I need to know all those things prior to my search? Knowing these things will make your search a lot easier because some event organizers are known for specific events. Of course, they can organize any party, but like all other kinds of professionals, each of them has their own specialty.

corporate event

The factors that you need to consider before hiring an event organizer

  • Experience – This is basically the most important factor that you need to consider before you hire someone. Ask for their portfolios, get a free consultation with each one of your prospects, and research for events they have organized.
  • Specialty – If the event you are planning to host is your Dad’s 50th Birthday, then you need to find someone who is good in organizing adult birthday parties. If you are planning for your company’s event, then go get someone who’s known to organize corporate events.
  • Price – Not all good things should come with a heavy price tag. You should always see if the service you are paying for is reasonable and worth it.
  • Reviews – Knowing what their previous clients have to say about them is very important, too. Research on some reviews written about the company and the organizer. This way, you will know both their strengths and weaknesses before they even try to say it.

We are pretty sure that if you follow these tips, you would successfully get yourself a great event organizer that can fill in your needs. All you need to do now is dedicate a little bit of your time.

Team Building Event Ideas In Malaysia For Outdoors

Thinking about a team building event that you can organize for your company? If you are, it’s your lucky day. That’s because in the country of Malaysia, or many choices for outdoor teen activities, so many so you will always have options to choose from.

If you’re planning for up to 20 or more people, you can have lots of fun organizing these activities. This is our list of the best possible outdoor team building ideas from eessence.biz that are possible in Malaysia:

1. Best Adventure Tours

If you have several employees, they will get excited about testing their mental and physical endurance while spending time in Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara, or Jana Baik. This will allow you to enhance their capabilities in regard to teamwork and personal competence.

team building activities taman negara

2. Jungle Trekking Fun

If you want an excellent way to help them relax, you can get them ready to take on virtually any type of challenge at the workplace. By going into the jungles of Gopeng, or really any of the jungles that are available in Malaysia, you can look for plants and animals that you have probably never seen before, making this activity extra special for everyone.

3. Whitewater Rafting Adventures

If you want to truly have an activity that puts people to the test, you can have everyone do this so that they can all focus on reaching the destination. Although Whitewater rafting might not be for everybody on your team, those that are willing to participate will have a very fulfilling and exhilarating time. The Kampar River is one of the best examples of how people can brave the rapids, for up to two hours, and once complete, everyone will be more invigorated and energized than they have been in many years.

water rafting kampar river

4. Doing Canyoning

Canyoning is both a mental and physical challenge that will challenge everyone in your company. It is an adrenaline rush, yet it is also a fun filled time that people can share together. You can do this in remote settings, and the difficulty levels can range from very easy to extremely hard to do. You will have a guide that will have basic skills training, give everyone the necessary gear and equipment that they will need to be successful at this activity. This typically happens at Ulu Geruntum in most cases.

5. Amazing Race Treasure Hunting

One other thing that you might want to consider as a treasure hunt which can be done in virtually any city, although it can happen anywhere. You might want to consider starting at a hotel, although you could venture out into the entire city, or even the jungle if you want to, and by doing so you will create something very memorable that your employees will always have at the back of their minds, something that you should do for your employees this year. Organizing such event is tedious and always recommended to get an event company to help out.

Tips on Organizing a Family Day Event

Spending quality time with your family is important. It builds bonds and allows family members to stay updated with activities that go on with other family members’ lives. It is great that many schools and companies today organize a Family day event. If you are tasked with organizing such an event, here are simple tips to get you started from eventmanagement2u.com.

Tip number one is to determine a theme for the event. A theme will help you identify activities that you will have for the Family day event. This will also help you determine what type of venue to look for.

family day ballon house
Another tip from ADEvent is to confirm how many people would attend the event. This will also help you narrow down the number of event venues to choose from. A huge number of attendees may require an outdoor venue. A hotel function room is sufficient for a more intimate gathering.

Tip number three is to get in touch with caterers. You need to consider the theme for the event when you are choosing food to be served. You can also compare at least a couple of caterers so you can get the best deals. Just make sure you already have the number of confirmed attendees since the caterers would need this information.

Tip number four is to invite keynote speakers to the event. Make sure that this is someone that can promote the importance of family values and relationships. It is also important to confirm the date and time of the event before you contact potential speakers.

Where Can You Find an Event Management Company in Sydney?

The Olympic Games, the World Cup, the Super Bowl, and even the Royal British Wedding have all been successfully organized by professional event management companies. Event management professionals work diligently to give guests, sponsors and spectators the best experience possible.

home expo event

But event management is not just for functions that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. These things are also invaluable when you have a corporate function, a conference or even a company party.

If you are planning an event for your company here in Sydney, you’re probably interested in hiring a professional event management firm. But where exactly can you find an event management company in Sydney? Let’s find out.

Ask Around

A good way to find an event management company in Sydney is to ask people you know and trust. You can inquire from your employees, your friends, your family members and even your clients. If they have worked with event organizers in the past and were happy with their service, they would gladly recommend them.

wedding event planning

Use Phone Directories

You can also make use of telephone directories, especially the business page (yellow pages). There should be a listing or ads for event managers and party planners. Give them a call and inquire about their services.

Check the Internet

Finally, you can go online to look for an event management company in Sydney. Most of them have websites of their own that you can check out and a quick search on Google will give you at least a few dozen choices. Find out how much they charge and what kind of events they specialize in and how long they have been in the business. Make sure to read customer reviews so you’ll know if a particular company is worth hiring.

After you have gathered enough information on at least a few event management companies, you can then compare the pros and cons of hiring each one and make a sound decision. When you hire the right event organizer, you are going to save yourself a lot of headaches in planning and preparing for your big event.

Growing Demands For Business Development In The Professional Event Management Sector

Similar to any other business environment, the professional event management sector has grown to develop as a project-based business sector using years of experienced event managers worldwide.  The techniques and tasks that are quantified and measured to produce particular standards as guidelines become initial ideas for projects to see through from beginning to end.  Long gone are the days of merely setting out a few blue napkins and marquees; in today’s modern event management industry, business development is an absolute requirement for any successful performance.

Business conferenceAn event has a life cycle that begins with a concept, which quickly moves to planning and implementation.  Once evolved management will change and focus will shift irrespective of what changes are required to meet the settings and environmental dimensions.  Some of the constraints will be placed on the stakeholder and financial return in order to achieve the optimum marketing, fundraising or communication objective.  This will be defined by written plan aids and constant communication between event players.

Of course, the smooth running of the event will be controlled through adequate planning and implementation that is independent of individuals.  Common terminology must be utilized with and clear basis for decision-making by key players.  Project management documentation must be available for stakeholders allowing them to have full understanding of the process of the event and accountability of all happenings.  This will also provide volunteers with a layout of their responsibilities and how they contribute to the overall project in a systematic manner.  Once again, the key stabilizer underlying all business development in the professional event management sector is accurate communication between vendors, clients and volunteers throughout the event.

Welcome guest event planning

Information technology has become a highly important factor of all event management in the 21st century and project management processes are not necessarily transferable to the IT sector; however, there are various tools that can be molded to suit this section of the business development process.  For example, companies are now reorganizing IT teams into manageable team structures that are more open to change when necessary.  They are also able to break down more complex projects and respond more easily to difficult tasks than beforehand.

As can be seen, business development as part of event management is a highly significant factor when organizing the execution of an event as it demonstrates utmost professionalism and will help ensure success.

Effective Change Management In Event Planning

Change management meetingWhen it comes to event planning, there will always be certain situations where costs will run high, scheduling problems will arise and even a certain level of dissatisfaction on the part of the customer. In order to face these problems head on, you will have to have good change management skills to help make sure that the event is able to go as planned. Understanding what the most common mistakes are will help you to implement change as needed.

According to the feedback from majority event companies in Singapore, improper allocation of resources can be a large problem when it comes to event planning. Depending on the scale of the event that you are putting together, the right number of staff can be critical. If you do not have the proper people in places managing the event, it can be a true recipe for disaster. With that being said, the key to any successful event will mean scheduling the right people to tackle jobs that are well within their skill set for the party at hand.

There are always going to be changes that take place for an event. Whether the changes are big or small, a common mistake that event planners can make is failing to record the changes that are taking place. Good change management will mean keeping track of all changes so that you are not going to be cutting timelines too close, going over budget or even forgetting about deliveries of various goods for the party.

Meeting event planningYou need to remember that if there is anything that could go wrong at an event that you are planning, it probably will. Take the time to save yourself the hassle of being surprised with problems at the last minute. Assuming that there will be a problem and coming up with a solution ahead of time is the best way to make sure that you are lessening the amount of damage that occurs.

Even the most seasoned event planners will run into problems that need to be resolved at a moment’s notice. If you are able to allocate personnel to help you when the need arises and you can work with a last minute scheduling change, then you are showing great change management skills. When it comes to event planning in general, you have to be able to roll with whatever comes your way so that you can make sure your clients and all of the guests in attendance are going to have a great time.

Tips For Preparing an Event Planning Proposal

Event planning is a difficult task and it all begins with a quality proposal. You have to pinpoint what is going to be taking place in order to understand how the process is going to work out. If you don’t have a proposal in place, the event is never going to go off in the way you had wanted it to. Let’s take a look at a series of tips that should be kept in mind by those who are looking to put together a quality event planning proposal.

Event Planning Proposal

Event Description

It all begins with the actual event and what it will be encompassing. If there is no structure to the event, it will fall apart. You have to make sure there is an apt description in place of how the event will look like and what it is being put together for.


Once you have described the actual event, it is time to focus on the venue. It all depends on the type of event that is going to be hosted.

There are some event that are going to require outdoor locations, while others that require banquet halls. You have to gauge the event that is taking place and go from there.


This is where the foundation of the event is put together. You have to make sure there is a clear schedule of events within the actual event. What will happen and when will it happen (i.e. serving of food, entertainment).


You have to list your experience as a bidder. This is all part of the job. If your experience in this type of event management job is not listed, you will not get the gig.


This is key in all cases of event planning. The budget is the essential. It shapes how the event will go, where it will be hosted, and how many people will be invited.

These are just a few of the key steps that are needed when it comes to ensuring the proposal is flawless. You have to figure out what is going to be needed and make sure it is put into the proposal. These little details are what make sure the event goes off without a hitch. If you forget these details, the event is often bound to fail. The proposal is often the heart of the entire event going off successfully. Follow the tips that have been listed here and watch as your proposal woos everyone that reads it.

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